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Screen shot


In the wake of MSC, more and more companies have decided to put up their sites in the internet. But in doing so they entrust their image to companies who dont give a nutz about security. This is one prove of it. We didnt do any damage at all, just replaced the *.htm filez and even patched up the hole we found in your server. Consider this a wake up call for you guys.

Before you guys go around blaming people about this incident or turn to us as your scapegoat, give yourself a few minutes and think about your lame system admin who get paid for doing nothing at all.

Flame :
Yes, I would like to take this opportunity to say this to KEADILAN people, shut the phuck up! We dont need you, the people dont need you, your stopid husband can rot and die in jail for all I care. ANWAR, U SUX! And to all those groups who supported and merge with KEADILAN, you guys are pathetic! A sorry excuse to be in politics.
And to Kelantan people, you sorry sob, make the right choice this time around. Dont get stuck with stopid people as your representative.

And for all you people who don't know who or what sK is, you can jamm this freakin page down your throat. We're [sK] and we're here to stay ... PERIOD.

Greetz :
To all sK members! You know who you are!
To BlackHand! - Good hack on =)
To ADM people - We have high respect for you guys!
To w00w00 - How could we forget u guys!
Personally to [Dor] - You know who I am =)
To "yellow tweety bird" - put on the yellow dancing shoes and board in a yellow jeep ;P

And finally, wishing all our Indian counterpart a Happy Deepavali!

serial Killa [sK]