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er, this is called a Valentines Day Haxx0r#@!
own3d by [Dor] #@!
Html/D-ZINE by afk-demon #@!

Greets from [Dor] goes out to:
all etC! Crew Members, MnM, B|uSmurf, [iDyLl], CREAD, MissYanna, Markland, Jamess, malcolmx, pht, digital, kind, and O-Dog, RaceNut, Grimmie+Namie, Sweeter and Blackhand Group.

Special Valentines Day greets from Dor to NaDiYa
Special Valentines Day greets from afk-demon to my sayang phatangel#@!

Greets from afk-demon goes out to:
all ex sK members, gym, drac, DOR, Alpn, blackop, etC! Crew, Cr45h, nk, Mamaw, Krome, Alpha, kristapz, ZZyZZ, X8, Fusion, devastor, zerosh@efnet, mofo, An1gmA and T o n t s a :)

k, end of /deface!
[ eof ]