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"Admin please patch your server up! and change to real *nix OS server, wind0ze sux0r, I'm not a hacker, but if a wannabe like me could defaced your site, think what a real 31337 h4x0r could do! No harm was done to the server in the making of this file."

Mail me if your need help in securing your server:


:so beastie what we are going to do tonight?
:the same thing we did every night tux, TRY TO TAKEOVER wind0ze!


shout to: WanKB(yokyok-O),D0L(ex raja sg. wang),K3N(kent master),IrONE,Bundut,Mumbra(JB),BudakJawa(penyokong),AmatHina(mana pergi),corpsie,N4M3L355(old skool),value(cc gawd),|kid|(coffeabean),c9(bsd!! w00 w00!!)


ps/: copied old file to blah.bak