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[ Hinahanjing Inc. ]

I'm not a hacker but I still managed to log into this webserver coz' the sysadmin didn't realize that the server was not configured properly.

Don't worry, I didn't take anything, didn't see anything and didn't change your password, don't change anything except the "default.html or whatsoever" file. I already made backup of that file but if the backup file is corrupted or cannot be used anymore... I'm sorry, I can't do anything to get it back. If you take more time checking your server security this thing wouldn't be happening, right?? Remember to fix this bug before anyone else come and destroy all your files.

Greets :
=> UnTaRGz, el-DUDE, tIkI`tAkA at Hinahanjing
=> Aneem, Tempeyek, Cipan, Firestata at Begedil
=> Mr_Putter, Ameque, Unpopular, Anti-Heros, Chronically^Mases, Fistagon, kartoon
and winona_(KU????)

 Amathina & ORaNGe9mm
look ma.. i'm a wannabe