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 This website was hacked by x90 @ LogicFive Security Team.


id ; uname -a
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=50(ftp)
Linux 2.4.2-2smp #1 SMP Sun Apr 8 20:21:34 EDT 2001 i686 unknown


Message from members@x90 on ttyp2 at 12:30 ... to admin of ...

     We know what we're doing is illegal, but we're also helping out in the same way. How? By letting you know the security holes on your server.


     Please do your job properly. Always keep up to date about security. Do always visit and


     Knowledge isn't what you know, but its what you do with it.




 Message from members@x90 on ttyp2 at 12:30 ... to the government ...


     CERT does NOT mean a thing to us. Do not send a "dog" to do a man's job. Try looking for people without qualifications.


     You might get better System Administrators. You're just wasting your money paying those with qualifications/cert's.


     EXPERIENCE is MORE important. We're Malaysian's ourselves. We hate Malaysian IT Security. They never keep up to date.


     If you are listening to us, please DO look for people without qualifications but with experience. Just like US :)


     That's all we've got to say for now. You'll be seeing more of us if you don't listen.    




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