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About My Self

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About Me
If you haven't guessed already, Putera Software is just one person: me. I'm Muhammad Fadly (my full given name). I'm 23, and I'm a programmer.

Through out my experience, I have worked and developed my specialty in System Development. I started my career as System Administrator and then developed myself to be an System Engineer.

I'm a big fan of books, music, movies, and interesting conversation.

Yup, that's me, alright.

About Putera Software
Putera Software is a software company that develops
Professional quality software to help Network Admins & Engineers control, manage, and secure their networks.

The History of Putera Software

Putera Software was created when I wanted to release NAT 2.0 under a more official name. I made a list of potential company names, and the one that made it was In March of 2003 I got a ficticious business license for Putera Software, and it's been my personal software company ever since.

The philosophy of Putera Software
The main problem that I see with programming in my Country (Malaysia) is how to connect the money to the programmer. I think about this a lot, since I'm a programmer and I need money.

I program for the pure art of it. I don't care if I get money for it, really. It's nice, but it'd be just as nice if I magically got a check in the mail each month for rent, expenses, plus some for savings. Seriously, if anyone has the resources to hook me up $40,000 a year for making Putera Software freeware (or even Open Source), I'd do it in the time it took me to remember my own name. Sadly enough, no angel investor has done this for me, so I'm forced to come up with a way to pay rent and bills.

The Mission of Putera Software
The aim of Putera Software is to deliver the best security solution in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world.

To my gf - for understanding, support and love. I love you.
To all my friends
To all people who helped me.

Yours Digitally,                 

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