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Putera Intruder Detection System 2.0 (PIDS)

Putera Intruder Detection SystemPIDS has all the power and features needed to protect you against Internet criminals or anyone trying to violate your privacy. This program alerts you each step an intruder or attacker takes with sophisticated counter-measures that protect the protocol, registry, shared resource, process, and inspect both incoming and outgoing port connections.

Main Features:

Protocol Monitor
TCP stats, IP stats, ICMP stats, and UDP stats

Ports Monitor
Monitors network connections and shows you which ports are
active and who is connected to your computer. Terminate connection, locate attacker's IP address, and reports intruder activities to legal authorities.

Shares Monitor
Monitor and N
otify user's connection (by means of Local area network or the Internet) to the shared resources of your computer.

Process Monitor
Monitor all applications that are running and lets you stop them. Trojans or any rogue remote server typically run hidden, even from Windows’ Ctrl-Alt-Del listing.

Registry Monitor
Monitors your System Registry for any attempts by hijacker application to modify critical sections.

Logging capabilities

 Info Description




 Windows 95/98, ME, XP, 2000 or
 Windows NT

  Last Updated

 November 20th, 2003 





 run pids.exe


 Free to try.
 US $9.95 to buy




Download(1.97 MB)



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