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About My Resume

Education & Training
1. International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS)
* Basic Computing Principles 
* Modelling for Computing with Mathematics 
* Computerised Accounting 
* Human Communication and Information Systems
* Computer Programming 
* Business System Development 
* Database Project

1. -
      Job Description: making tools on UNIX platform (when they
      don't exists) and transpose it in the Windows world.
2. -
System Administrator/ Webmaster.
      Job Description: to administer and manage web server or  
      do some system administration tasks like installing 
      software, creating new users and groups, setting up
      permissions etc. I have extensive experience in installing,
      customizing and maintaining FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS /
      Solaris, Linux (all flavors), AS/400 and Windows
      NT/2000/2003 servers.
      I also have experience in setting up and maintaining the
      following applications:
      Apache webserver, Internet Information Services (IIS), 
      MySQL and mSQL server, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, FTP,
      various IRC daemons, and much more

      Task: Admin, Main Uploader, Webmaster

1. Hardware 
          Computer service & repair (A+Certification) 
2. Software Programming Language (Technologies) : 
          Assembly, C, C++ & Visual C++, Visual Basic
3. Web Programming Language (Technologies) 
          HTML, ASP, PHP, CGI (C & Perl), Javascript 
4. Database Programming Language (Technologies)
5. Operating Systems: 
          MS-DOS, Windows 9x, ME & XP, Linux,
          Windows NT/2000/2003 (Workstation & Server)
6. Major Applications:
          Microsoft Office XP/2000, Microsoft Visio 2000 
7. Desktop Applications:
          Microsoft Publisher 2000, QuarkXPress 5.0
8. Web Applications: 
          Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0, Microsoft FrontPage,
          Fireworks 3.0
9. Server Applications:
          Web: IIS, Apache, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
          Mail: IIS
          FTP: IIS
10. Multimedia Applications: 
          Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Illustrator 10, Macromedia
          Flash 6, Macromedia Director, Sonic Foundry Sound
          Forge, Corel Draw
11. Business System/Applications:
          Crystal Reports 

Other Skills
1. Sound/Video Editing

Rank order of strengths
1. Network Security 
2. System Administration
3. Programming
4. Inter-personal/Communication Skills 

Description of the most challenging project accomplished
Penang e-Plaza: is a complete online web-store for shoppers and sellers buying and selling product online. The system is designed in PHP and runs of MySQL database. This allows customers to login and order their purchases online in realtime.
You can download my complete resume in PDF format here





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